The Girlboss Trailer Is Here

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
By now, you should be painfully aware that Sophia Amoruso's bestselling autobiography Girlboss is making its way to Netflix this April. The series, which details Amoruso's rise to success as the CEO of the clothing company Nasty Gal, stars Britt Robertson in the titular role of girlboss. It's a rags-to-riches tale — the book is somewhat famous for featuring Amoruso's time dumpster-diving in her early 20's, before the riches set in. Rest assured, the Netflix series will also get in on the dumpster fun.
"The question I always get asked for people who have read the book, is do you get to see the dumpster diving? And that is the case," Robertson shared with Refinery29 in February.
Series creator Kay Cannon (Pitch Perfect) claims that her interest in the story is partially driven by her attraction to the female narrative. This is a tale about a messy woman with a messy life who manages to figure it all out.
"I happened to watch all of the Oscars screeners," Cannon says of her decision to produce the series. "And they were all stories that were driven by men. And flawed men. And that's great — but I was just starving to see a story... that applies to not a woman and who she's married to, but tells a story of a business."
Indeed, this tale is one of women-driven industry. To boot, it's a tale of 20-something discovery along the lines of HBO's Girls or Insecure. In February, Netflix debuted a teaser trailer that amounted to little more than Robertson dancing in a pair of rad wide-leg jeans. Today, we get a whole new trailer. In it, Robertson's Sophia (who claims a different last name in the series) buys a vintage jacket, pushes a car up a hill, and has more than a few youth-induced breakdowns. Watch, enjoy, and prepare yourself for the full series, which debuts on Netflix on April 21.

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