The Grey's Anatomy Cast Is Sharing Spoilers About The Season 13 Finale

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Fans of Grey's Anatomy are counting down the days until the show's season 13 finale. After Ellen Pompeo's directorial debut dazzled on Thursday and left plenty of suspense for not only Meredith Grey, but for many of the show's other characters, viewers are digging for clues that'll give any detail about the finale.
Thankfully, many of the show's stars are being generous on Instagram, posting snapshots from the show's last day of filming. While the cast might not be offering straight-up spoilers, there are some clues for eagle-eyed sleuths.
Pompeo posted a snapshot of co-star Justin Chambers giving off major James Dean vibes. "Thank you for being you and having that thing you have that makes us all love you you're a mesmerising talent and a great friend," she wrote.
Understandably, this caused fans to freak out. It sure sounds like a goodbye, but nothing's for sure. While many of the cast members have already confirmed their returns for season 14, Chambers isn't one of them. Final negotiations won't happen until June, so is this a premature farewell to Alex or a diversionary tactic from Pompeo?
A few of the actors have already revealed that this season won't end with a catastrophic event (no plane crashes, sorry), but we do know that there is major drama afoot, especially with Riggs and Maggie. The Grey Sloan crew was all smiles on set, however, so either they're great at compartmentalising or there is nothing earth-shattering happening in the finale.
There were several videos of Debbie Allen on set wearing what looks like a throwback to the heyday of Juicy Couture. Does her pink hoodie have anything to do with where the show's headed? Is Grey's immune to nostalgia and athleisure? We think it might just be Allen getting cozy between takes, especially with that electric-purple fur thrown over her ensemble. Here's hoping that epic outerwear makes a cameo during the season finale.

Friday night behind the scenes on set of the Grey's finale w/Ms Thirsty ??? #greysanatomy #shondaland #tgit @greysabc

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Sarah Drew posted a few shots from the set, too. She and Jesse Williams are outside, much like the other cast members during the finale filming. Does this mean something's going down outside — namely, where ambulances end up, and more generally terrible things happen — the hospital proper?
Also notable is her use of the #Japril hastag. Fingers crossed that these two either come back together or split up for real before the season wraps.

Late night shenanigans. #finale #japril @ijessewilliams

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What do we know for sure? Glee alum Matthew Morrison will make an appearance before the finale and return for the new season this fall. Sandra Oh, who left in 2014, isn't ruling out a return to Seattle. Pompeo says that as long as fans are loving it, the show will stay on the air. So basically, we'll be checking into Grey Sloane Memorial forever.

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