Alert The Presses: "All I Want For Christmas" Is Going To Be A Movie

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You've heard of the book-to-movie adaptation. You've even heard about the theme park ride-to-movie adaptation. But today, Mariah Carey introduced us to whole new type of adaptation: The song-to-movie phenom.
You may have already done the math yourself, but let me lay it out for you, just so that we're all on the same page . Mariah Carey is an R & B vocalist with incredible range. She has a hit song titled "All I Want For Christmas," which you may recall from every store you've ever stepped inside during the holidays. Or you may remember it from the seminal classic film Love Actually. It's a song that's destined to stay in our hearts (and minds) forever.
And now, it's going to be a movie.
The star tweeted this morning, "My song is becoming a movie! You’re the first to hear about this exciting news!" She then encouraged her followers to look to @AllIWantMovie for more updates on the film. With the tweet Carey included a teaser trailer for the film. The trailer doesn't give much away. It just promises this: There will be a movie. It will be animated. And we'll get to see it this holiday season.
Granted, the timing is a little funny — it's only March, and we're talking about a holiday movie — but the adaptation isn't all that surprising. The song enjoys enduring appeal, and it was only a matter of time before it received a grander treatment. Because, as much as we love the song, there are only so many times you can consume its whistle tones. (I place my limit at about 10 listens.) A movie, though! That's at least an hour's worth of content that we can play at parties, at brunches, and any time in between.
The news also comes on the heels of the announcement of a Love Actually reboot. However, the sequel, which will air on May 25, isn't holiday-related. Instead, it's attached to Red Nose Day. Alas, it won't be the Mariah Carey-filled Christmas sequel we so desire. Luckily, it looks like All I Want might be able to fulfil that need.
The only question now is: What will Mariah be doing on the film? Will she sing? (She'd better.)

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