Pretty Little Liars Brendan Robinson Actor Spoiled The Big A Reveal & No One Noticed

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Pretty Little Liars fans are awaiting the show's final 10 episodes — and the ultimate A reveal. With so many convincing fan theories pointing to everyone from Wren (Julian Morris) to Alison's (Sasha Pieterse) evil twin, how can we ever find out who is really under the black hoodie? Right now it's anybody's guess who could be avenging Charlotte's (Vanessa Ray) death, but there might be one way to find out who the real villain is: just read Brendan Robinson's old interviews.
Robinson plays Lucas on the series, and while I'm already convinced that Lucas could very well be the show's most deplorable villain yet, that's not the reason Robinson is the person to turn to for answers. Instead, it has to do with the fact that Robinson totally spoiled who the last A was.
Allow me to explain. Robinson was interviewed by website Fashion & Style shortly after the season 5 finale, in which a masked person known as "Charles DiLaurentis" was revealed as A. Fans now know that "Charles" was really Charlotte (also known as Cece Drake, because why not add an extra name into the mix), Alison's long-lost sister who was born male but transitioned to female in her teens. The reveal was shocking (not to mention controversial), and Robinson totally spoiled the whole thing. When asked by the interviewer who he thought Charles was, he stated:
"One of the theories I've heard, and someone I think would be really interesting, is Cece being Charles, starting life as Charles and now because of her own gender identity now identifies as Cece. That's a really interesting theory, but I don't know if our show would ever really tackle something like that. It's a really kind of prominent discussion topic in the media right now, gender identity and transgender stories, but yeah, I don't know if we'll go down that road."
It's very likely that Robinson had no idea this theory was accurate — Lucas didn't appear in the first half of season 6, so it's not like Robinson would have gotten a script for the major reveal. It seems like this guy was just majorly perceptive of what was to come on PLL, even if he wasn't totally sure the series would go for it.
Robinson likely knows the identity of Uber A now (especially because, cough cough, HE'S TOTALLY PLAYING UBER A) but if you're itching for answers, they might be somewhere in Robinson's deep cut interviews. This dude clearly knows his way around a good fan theory, even if his words should come with a big fat spoiler warning.

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