Maksim Chmerkovski & Peta Murgatroyd Just Shared The First Picture Of Their Newborn Shai

Maksim Chmerkovski and Peta Murgatroyd had the best Valentine's Day, hands-down. The couple recently welcomed baby Shai to their family, and they've been having the time of their lives as new parents. While the couple recently went out on the town on their own, Valentine's Day was all about family. That's why the couple each posted the first photos of their son to Instagram, and it's too adorable.

"To the loves of my one and only Valentine, Papa @maksimc," Murgatroyd captioned her photo. "I love you and our little Shai more than ever ❤ This is without a doubt the most special and significant Valentines Day for me."
Chmerkovski posted his own photo, referring to Murgatroyd as his "absolute number one."
"Thank you, I love you and I'm in love with us..." he added.

While the coupe is adorable as always, all eyes were on baby Shai. This is the first time the parents have posted a picture of the newborn online, and after all the love surrounding his birth, we couldn't wait to see. Both photos give us a tiny peek at Shai, who seems to spend most of his time snuggling and sleeping. Basically, he's living the dream.


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