Riz Ahmed Talks About Working With “Force Of Nature” Lena Dunham As Her New Girls Love Interest

Photo: Joanne Davidson/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock.
Pictured: Ahmed at last night's Elle Style Awards.
Pretty much everyone you know spent last night in front of the telly, watching Lena Dunham get it on with Riz Ahmed's sexy, New Age-y, and (predictably) attached surf instructor, Paullouis, during Girls' series 6 premiere. Ahmed himself, however, had other plans. Decked out in an embroidered navy suit, the Wembley-born actor and certified "internet boyfriend" hit up Monday's Elle Style Awards, where he was honoured with the Actor of the Year award. Striding down the red carpet, the star of The Night Of and Rogue One (not to mention newly minted Girls love interest) stopped to speak with Refinery29 U.K. and other media about his "life-changing" new gig opposite Dunham. "Lena, you can't tell her to slow down," he told reporters at last night's awards show. "She's writing, directing, producing, acting, and she's improvising completely new dialogue from one scene to the next as well. It's kind of mind-blowing [and] really, really inspirational, and intimidating as well. So it was an amazing experience. I'm really grateful to her for reaching out to me. She could have had anyone she wants on that show, so I'm grateful to be a part of it." According to him, Dunham is far more than just a leading lady. "Listen, you've got to see her at work," he explained. "It's kind of crazy. She's going, 'Okay, you have to change your performance like this, camera shot's moving like this, let's change this line over there, I'd like that light moved over there, next take', and she's changed all her dialogue. It's crazy. She's a force of nature." Sounds about right.

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