Justin Timberlake Just Quashed Our Ryan Gosling Bromance Fantasy

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures/REX/Shutterstock.
Pictured: Gosling (bottom left) and Timberlake (top right) in their MMC days.
It's a story straight out of a movie. Two kids with big dreams become friends, achieve stardom, and then find themselves, more than two decades later, being nominated for Oscars at the same time. Hollywood would have them in full-on Matt and Ben mode. The reality, alas, is kind of a bummer. Justin Timberlake's interview with The Hollywood Reporter pretty much killed our fantasy of him and former Mickey Mouse Club costar Ryan Gosling having some sort of magical bro-version-of-Beaches reunion on the Oscars red carpet. Though the two stars collaborated on many MMC skits together, and were briefly roommates when Gosling's mother had to return to Canada during their stint on the show, their friendship has fizzled. "We aren't the closest of friends, for whatever reason," Timberlake "nonchalantly" told THR, as if that news wouldn't cleave our hearts into two. Next he'll be telling us that he never loved Britney. That revelation will likely trigger tons of speculation about what happened to the bromance. Timberlake has pointed out in the past that Gosling was a childhood friend, and not many people still stay close to, say, people they hung out with in elementary school. That's a fair point, but still: If Leslie from Girl Scouts got nominated for an Oscar on the same day, we sure as hell would be arranging a carpool or at least placing a giddy, "can you believe it?" phone call. Look at the cast of The Help — and they only made one movie together, not slept under the same roof. On the bright side, there's still time for a pre-Oscars reconciliation. Can this bromance be saved?

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