Is This A HUGE Hint About Season 2 Of Stranger Things?

If you are a fan of analysing clues and solving puzzles, Stranger Things delivered a good one Friday in the form of a teaser photo on its Twitter account. If you would rather just be a passive viewer of quality television, it's a good thing the puzzle-solvers out there have shared their conclusions.

We were already paying attention to all things Stranger, what with David Harbour's epic acceptance speech at the SAG Awards and the news that a new teaser trailer would air during the Super Bowl. Entertainment Weekly got the scoop on the latter, releasing a photo showing Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) heading into school in full 1984-era Ghostbusters costumes. The '80s live!

After that pic had dropped, this appeared on the Stranger Things Twitter. As The Wrap points out, the Houston weather is an obvious reference to the Super Bowl, but those numbers are pretty mysterious. Well, duh, that Sunday forecast is a hint about Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). We did know that the telekinetic, telepathic girl is back, but this seems to indicate that she'll be causing some storms, literal or figurative.

The bigger news is that some clever numerologists out there decided to subtract the lows from the highs on Friday (57-48) and Saturday (50-42), and the barometric pressures (30-13), to arrive at 9, 8, and 17. Does that mean Stranger Things season 2 returns to Netflix on September 8, 2017? Or is there a different way to solve this problem?
Hopefully all will be revealed on Sunday night.

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