Blue Ivy Looks JUST Like Young Beyoncé — & Her Grandmother Agrees

For someone who's just past potty training, Blue Ivy has a lot of clout. She's got an entire athleisure line dedicated to her name, killer baby fashion style, and one time, the 5-year-old upstaged Mariah Carey herself. Not that we expected anything less — this is the child of Beyoncé Knowles herself. Given that Blue Ivy shares genes with Queen Bey, we knew she'd have at least a portion of her mother's magnificence. But it's not just that. The two look stunningly alike, even for close relatives. Look at a 5-year-old Beyoncé Knowles, and you'll feel like you're looking at present-day Blue Ivy. This isn't just my opinion, either. Tina Knowles, the matriarch of the whole gang, agrees. Knowles, who is mother to Bey and grandmother to Blue, share a side-by-side comparison of her daughter and granddaughter, commenting, "Someone sent this to me. How cute is this?" Whoever sent the photo also patched the two faces together, and the resemblance is striking. In the two photos, each member of the mother-daughter squad is giving a cheeky smile to the camera. (An almost identical grin.) Here's my thinking: If Blue Ivy looks like a young Beyoncé, then maybe someday she'll walk, talk, and command a room like her revered mother. She's definitely destined to slay, whatever happens. See the full post, below.

Someone sent this to me . How cute is this ?

A photo posted by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on

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