Is This The Reason Wren & Ezra Are Hanging Out On Pretty Little Liars?

Photo: Freeform
You may have seen new photos from Entertainment Weekly that show elusive Pretty Little Liars character Wren (Julian Morris) back in Rosewood. The good doctor seems to be sporting a new, edgier hairstyle, which is all the evidence I need of him being low-key evil. However, hair is not the only interesting clue from the new photos: Wren appears to be meeting Ezra (Ian Harding) during a meeting arranged by Spencer (Troian Bellisario). So far, that makes no damn sense: Ezra and Wren are hardly buddies, and as far as my PLL-obsessed brain can remember, have never even held a conversation. So why might they be having a chat now? Well, it might have a lot to do with Ezra's girlfriend Nicole (Rebecca Breeds). While doing humanitarian work in South America, Nicole was kidnapped by rebels and presumed dead. However, because no one is actually ever dead on this show, Nicole was later found alive — which really threw Ezra and Aria's (Lucy Hale) plans to marry for a loop. Obviously, Nicole's kidnapping is bound to leave some emotional scars — which might be why Ezra is calling on Wren. Wren worked at Radley and helped the Liars out when Mona (Janel Parrish) was a patient. If Wren is back in town, perhaps it's because Ezra needs to get a similar kind of help for Nicole? Spencer might make the introduction: despite her complicated history with Wren, she knows he has experience dealing with emotional trauma. Of course, if Wren really is Uber A, this new alliance might not bode well for Nicole's well-being. With only 10 episodes left of the series, we'll finally learn if Wren is friend or foe.

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