This Is Jude Law’s Most Impressive Performance Of All Time

Photo: Elisabetta A. Villa/Getty Images.
Jude Law is known for his charming demeanour, boyish good looks, and, most recently, his bizarre (but oh-so-good) role on HBO's The Young Pope.

Whether you're in love with Closer Jude Law, or Alfie Jude Law, or The Talented Mr. Ripley Jude Law (all of which are blonde playboy character characters but hey — if you got it, you got it), none of them stand a chance next to Big Pants Jude Law. While you all were making Young Pope memes, Law has been undergoing a major transformation and we need to talk about it. Behold, his greatest performance of all time: British man in oversized pants.
I first encountered Big Pants Jude Law while perusing through paparazzi shots of him, as one does. I was struck by one astounding picture of him running errands while wearing the largest pair of sweatpants I'd ever seen. (Think MC Hammer meets Aladdin's Genie.) I started Googling more and more, getting lost down the rabbit-hole of Law's pants (ha!) until I realised that disproportionate pants are kind of his "thing."
Turns out, he's been ahead of the curve. As the New York Times declared last week of Milan Fashion Week Men's: "In Florence, It’s All About Pants. Big Pants." An alternate headline could have read: "Jude Law's Pants Are Now Trending." Much like his character, Lenny Belardo (aka Pope Pius XIII), on The Young Pope, Law is here to shake things up — most notably his pant size — leaving people like me both intrigued and repulsed.
Here, I've gathered the best of the best of this lewk. At this point, I know you're curious to see them. Each one will leave you wondering — why is Jude Law wearing that?

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