Men Darkly Rule Over Women In Photos From The Handmaid’s Tale

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
When Hulu announced its newest series, The Handmaid's Tale, it was billed as sci-fi. But the show's star, Elisabeth Moss, is starting to think when it premieres in April 2017, it may be too real for some.
“We never wanted the show to be this relevant," Moss told Entertainment Weekly of The Handmaid's Tale, which is based on the 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood.
The show is set in the dystopian Republic of Gilead where men rule all. Women, known as handmaids, are solely there to procreate. Think: Mad Max: Fury Road without all the racing.
Moss plays Offred, a handmaid that navigates this male-dominated world where punishment is swift and brutal for those that don't follow the rules.
As she points out, it's hard not to notice the parallel between this world and our own. Though, not as dismal as Gilead, women are certainly beholden to the men who make laws on their behalf.
That bleakness is on display in the first photos from the series, which seem to prove Moss right. But definitely won't keep up from watching.

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