Did Netflix Just Tease More Gilmore Girls Episodes?

Photo: Warner Bros./Netflix
The Gilmore Girls revival was a pre-holiday gift to die hard fans, many of whom never thought they would see Rory (Alexis Bledel) or Lorelai (Lauren Graham) back on the small screen again. Now that fans have finished binging A Year In The Life, could we be getting new episodes to satisfy our craving for all things Gilmore? Maybe... or maybe Netflix is totally trolling us with this new tweet. (Warning: Major spoilers for the Gilmore Girls revival ahead!) At the end of A Year In The Life, Rory tells Lorelai that she's pregnant... but who's the father is still up for debate. While many fans think the baby's father is Logan (Matt Czuchry), Rory's college boyfriend and the person she's currently sleeping with behind her boyfriend Paul's (Jack Carpenter) back, Logan isn't the only potential baby daddy on the table. There's Paul himself (sweet, forgettable Paul) and a guy in a Wookie costume, with whom Rory had her first one-night stand. The dad debate may remind some fans of Luke's (Scott Patterson) daughter April's (Vanessa Marano) own science fair project, which weighed the likelihood of which of her mom's suitors could be her dad until she ultimately identified Luke. It certainly reminded Netflix of that, hence their tweet:
Could Netflix's tweet be teasing a new season of Gilmore Girls, one in which we identify who impregnated Rory? I'm not sure I buy it. If anything, the biggest tease that Gilmore Girls could return was its cruel cliffhanger at the end of the "Fall" episode. Not finding out who Rory might be raising a child with (should she choose to keep the baby) felt unfair, especially considering how long fans waited to see where the Gilmore girls' paths had taken them. A season 9 could happen (it's Netflix, and there are no rules) but for now, Netflix is staying quiet about any future plans. Let's not get our hopes up for closure just yet.

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