Grey’s Anatomy Just Broke Twitter’s Heart With Latest Bombshell

Photo: ABC.
Twitter has had enough with Shonda Rhimes breaking its heart. The final straw was Grey's Anatomy's latest midseason finale shocker. In its 13th season, Grey's can still surprise its fans, something it proved by sending Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) to jail last night.
After beating up his fellow doctor, Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), the suspended Grey-Sloan Memorial paediatric surgeon was charged with assault. But instead of going to trial, he accepts a plea deal to protect his ex Jo — a move Meredith warns him against.
Alex winds up getting sentenced to two years in jail. But don't lose all hope yet, as Entertainment Tonight points out, the episode ends on a cliffhanger, so it's unclear whether he will actually serve his time.
A shocking end isn't new for Grey's Anatomy, but this time around fans seemed to take it particularly hard, airing their grievances and frustrations on Twitter.
Some fans just threw in the towel completely. "They killed Lexie and Mark and I stayed loyal, then Derek and I almost strayed," one fan tweeted. "If Alex goes to jail I AM DONE."
Others were thinking ahead. "Dr. Alex Karev needs Defense Atty. Annalise Keating," one Shonda fan wrote. "Shondaland crossovers would be insane AF."
Most just called Rhimes out for consistently toying with their emotions. "Welcome to Shondaland," one tweet read. "Where Shonda Rhimes rips your heart out on a weekly basis."
Another wrote, "If Alex leaves the show i will personally fight Shonda dont test me."
But one user seemed to sum up the finale perfectly: "Why does Shonda Rhimes play games with my heart?"
That answer is still unknown, but it's clear that Twitter is now officially heartbroken.

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