I Logged Everything Rory & Lorelai EVER Ate On Gilmore Girls

There's a lot to love about Gilmore Girls, but Lorelai and Rory's charming obsession with food is my favourite. We can all imagine Lorelai announcing "I need something with cheese!" as she enters Luke's Diner. Sure, it's unrealistic that they lived off fistfuls of marshmallows, towers of Pop Tarts, and slice upon slice of frozen pizza without dropping dead from scurvy, but the show's creative writing and the actresses' whimsical line delivery succeeded in turning their unbelievable diets into the show's most fun and reliable running gag.
In an homage to that (and to celebrate the GG revival on Netflix), I embarked on a journey to re-watch and record every single thing the Gilmore girls ate on screen throughout the entirety of the original seven seasons. Trust, I spent a lot of late nights craving doughnuts, but becoming the world's foremost expert in Gilmore Girls eats was worth it.
The mother-daughter duo doesn't shy away from vending machine burritos or Easy Cheese; Lorelai once even ate pizza out of the garbage. However, it wasn't just junk food the two consumed. The series also includes 71 fancy Friday night dinners at Emily and Richard's house, where the girls are served sweetbreads, squab, and lots and lots of pot roast. (That's also where Lorelai enjoys approximately 30 martinis throughout the show's run.)
Among the most original food creations are Mallomars that spell out "Happy birthday, Lorelai," dessert sushi, and "French toast on-the-go" (see slide 17). Perhaps most memorably, Lorelai and Rory were rarely seen without a coffee in hand — which translated to a grand total of 348 cups between them, by my count.
Before you tune into Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, take a walk down memory lane with my complete journal of everything the Gilmore girls ever ate on the show. And while watching the reboot in one sitting is practically mandatory, we do not recommend doing that with the food.

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