Ranking Brad Pitt’s Chemistry With His Female Co-Stars

Brad Pitt has had a lot of co-star drama — and I don't just mean in the movies.
In 2005, he famously left wife and brief Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston for his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star, Angelina Jolie. The initial media storm was violent, but eventually died down — how could you stay mad at such a perfect couple? — leaving them free to parent their quickly growing family. Smooth sailing.
Until earlier this year, when we learned that the steady ship Brangelina, the vessel which held our hopes and dreams for A-List celebrity marriages, had sunk. Once again, Brad Pitt was embroiled in some co-star drama, this time with Marion Cotillard, his leading lady in Allied.

The coincidences were hard to ignore: Like Mr. & Mrs Smith, Allied tells the tale of two spies who fall in love while on a mission. They share steamy kisses, dance with flair, and get married — only to have their home torn apart by lies and deceit.
The rumours turned out to be false, but Pitt and Cotillard's chemistry is very real. So, in honour of Allied's release on November 23, we've ranked some of Brad Pitt's most memorable co-star pairings, from zero to steamy.

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