Justin Bieber Punches Guy In Face For Pretty Good Reason (This Time)

Stars, they're just like us. Mega famous, with thousands of fans, and prone to punching people that jam hands into open car windows. Justin Bieber had a strange incident on Tuesday in which he punched a fan in the face, and might have been justified in doing so. Bieber was riding in the back of a car when a guy ran up to the car and stuck his hand in. Bieber then punched said dude right in the face. TMZ (where else?) has video. Given Bieber's history with his fans and with physical violence, it seems odd to take his side. We'll remind you that he's punched an autograph seeker, stopped taking pictures with fans, and sued someone for taking Snapchats of him. But he's right! Don't stick your appendages at people that don't want to be touched. And, frankly, Justin Bieber hitting you really hard in the face is kind of something that happens when you harass Justin Bieber. We're not at all condoning physical violence, but everyone has a right to their personal space. Gigi Hadid was rightly praised when she punched someone for grabbing her on the street, especially given that it was a pattern for her attacker. Not only that, but the man's hand in the moving vehicle was a danger for Bieber and for the man himself. You can see in the video that a motorcycle was following close behind. So don't punch people anywhere. But also please don't touch people that don't want to be touched.

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