Westworld Theories: Is Ford Building A Host To Replace Theresa?

Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO.
With each episode, Westworld leaves us with more questions than answers. The new HBO drama, which revolves around a Wild West-themed fantasy park populated with androids, is more than a little complex.
We know that the park is the brainchild of Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and that guests pay a significant amount of money to visit a world where they can shoot, drink, and fuck with abandon. We know that the androids, known as hosts, cannot hurt the guests, but that guests can do what they like to hosts. We know that the company that runs Westworld has a bigger agenda that goes beyond simple hedonism. We know that story lines have a set run time before they loop again, and hosts are repaired before being put back into circulation. We know that some guests return over and over again, and that hosts do not remember them.
But most importantly, we know there's a glitch in the system — one that will surely continue to keep us guessing. And that's the fun part.
Follow along every week as we break down some of the wildest theories about this brave new world.

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