This Walking Dead Scene Broke Everyone's Heart

Spoiler Alert: This story includes spoilers from last night's season 7 premiere episode of The Walking Dead. Consider yourself warned.

How's everyone's Monday going? Did you call in sick, citing anguish, insomnia, and heartache? Are you forcing yourself to watch cute puppy videos in hopes of brightening your mood? Are you still in the foetal position, struggling to process your grief, Rick Grimes-style?

We get it, and so do Walking Dead fans over on social media. Last night's season 7 premiere was especially brutal. Abraham and Glenn have their brains bashed out. Maggie weeps over the loss of the father of her child. Rick is more distraught than usual. We all wish Negan would become zombie brunch and that Lucille would end up in a wood chipper.

Of all the moments that wrecked us, though, it's the one without any brains or bloodshed that really drew the tears. Rick imagines the group gathered for lunch at a table set with fancy cloth napkins and cute little plants. Glenn and Abraham are both still alive, the former holding the toddler son Maggie will eventually deliver. Daryl's eating salad. Everyone's happy, even though Carol's probably peeved that nobody's complimented her on her devilled eggs yet.

It's beautiful, but it's just a fantasy that will never come true. It's like squeezing Sriracha on an open wound. Thanks a lot, AMC.

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