Grout Glitter Is A Thing & We're Using It For Our Next DIY Project

Everyone knows the best way to make any craft project stand out is to cover it in glitter and call it a day. Well, now you can apply that same strategy to your DIY home renovations — with the help of Grout Glitter.

Grout Glitter, made by British company Staffordshire Silicones, gives a sparkly finish to all the tile work in your home. It's the perfect way to add a subtle and unique pop to your kitchen walls or your shower's interior.

Ready-mixed Grout Glitter comes in an array of colours, including black, white, red, and blue. Each shade boasts flecked sparkles that provide a stunning shimmering effect. You can purchase a one-litre tub of the ready-mixed grout for £18.99 here. Or, for just £6.59, you can purchase silver or gold glitter that can be added to any grout you pick up at the hardware store.

Thanks to Grout Glitter, you will never again have to stare at your boring tiled bathroom wall as you brush your teeth.

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