The Craziest Theories Surrounding Kim Kardashian’s Robbery

Photo: LAURENT BENHAMOU/Lauren/SIPA/REX/Shuttstock
Kim Kardashian has had quite the 24 hours. The 35-year-old was gagged, tied, and robbed at gunpoint by masked men dressed as police officers. While she was not harmed, the men did make it out with nearly £8 million worth of jewellery. All this happened when she was alone in her residence at Pourtales, also known as the "No Address Hotel." The private building boasts a private entrance and underground parking garage and has housed the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Prince. Kardashian and husband Kanye West also stayed in the apartments two years ago after their wedding.
As details continue to emerge, so do the conspiracy theorists and the skeptics. It's clear that something happened in that Parisian apartment, and that it was serious enough for West to walk out in the middle of his own show and for Kardashian to get on her private plane and come back to New York City after talking to investigators. The New York Post writes that there is security footage of the men who did this, which should clear up all the conspiracies that are currently spinning out of control. The idea that Kardashian is pulling a Ryan Lochte is pretty crazy, but let's take a look at all the insane theories (from "it's fake" to "her bodyguard did it"!) surrounding the ongoing investigation.

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