The Women Who Made Me: Jamie Dornan

As part of a regular series, Refinery29 asks some of our favourite men in the public eye about the women they grew up with, the women who shaped them, and the women who continue to inspire them.
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What did you call your grandmothers?
It was very standard I should think: Granny and Nana. Pretty by the book. Who was the first girl or woman you kissed?
Ha! It was at the top of the stairs outside the toilet at a Halloween party when I was about 11. When did a woman last make you cry?
I can’t really think right now off the top of my head. But I do cry! Which woman’s style do you most admire and why?
I suppose I better say my wife?
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What is your favourite piece of art – be it a film, record, book, painting, performance – by a woman?
I would say Patti Smith’s Just Kids. I think everyone who read that was pretty taken by it. I didn’t know a huge amount about her beforehand and I think it’s a very engaging and brilliant piece of writing. I actually met her in LA last year and I was a kind of jittery mess. She was very sweet and lovely and smiley and charming.

Who is your best platonic girl friend and why do you like her?
I don’t know how I’d mention one specifically without offending others. I have many. It’s funny when you’re married, you’re allowed to have friends that are girls. There’s this whole thing that until you’re married I felt it never went down well with girlfriends to have friends that were girls. Once you’re married all those fears disappear. It’s much easier to have friends that are girls once you’ve made the jump.

Which woman makes you laugh the most?
I find my wife very funny so I’m going to have to give her the credit there. My agent makes me laugh a lot too. She’s from Iowa and says a lot of funny stuff.

Are you ever envious of women?
Always, every day. They’re just better.
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