Topless Justin Trudeau Photobombs Wedding – No One Complains

Photo: Chesnot/Getty Images.
Justin Trudeau, can we count the ways? In an age where politicians seem to get around by slithering on their bellies, Justin Trudeau, Canada's Prime Minister is a hard-abbed, feminist, beacon of hope who stands on two legs and climbs cliff faces and feeds animals in his downtime. This is, of course, not the first time (even this week) that Trudeau has been snapped a) topless and b) in strange circumstances. He's been papped cuddling pandas and bhangra dancing too. Last week he was pictured in a selfie with an opportunistic thirteen-year-old boy who was holidaying with his family. He was, you guessed it, shirtless. You know, just roaming around British Columbia being at one with nature and his pecs. This time he's appeared shirtless, wet suit stripped to the waste, surfboard at the hip, on a beach in the background of a woman's beach wedding photo. You would think being upstaged by a barely dressed onlooker on your wedding day would be a difficult task. Please see the image below and come to your own conclusion.
Limelight. Snatched. Some haters clamoured to question whether Trudeau is making a purposeful habit of his shirtless snaps, but the wedding photographer, Marnie Recker, took to Facebook to nobly defend the PM. "Justin was quickly leaving the beach at the same time the bride appeared and started coming down the stairs. It was her moment and he respectfully stood aside and witnessed her walk down the aisle to her husband-to-be." She added: "Justin is not a politician in this photo. He is a human being that is able to celebrate and empathise with others. He didn't mean to be in the photo. Fate gave him no choice and he did the only thing he could do but stand there and allow her to pass. He is looking at the camera in some of the photos because I was looking at him and smiling, sharing in the humour of the moment." Twitter can't seem decide whether to be pleased or miffed:
We'll have to see some more before we can come down on either side.

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