Justin Trudeau Hangs Out Shirtless In Caves…Pass It On

Photo Courtesy Jim Godby / PTBOCanada.com
Justin Trudeau is more like Vladimir Putin than we thought. The Canadian Prime Minister walked shirtlessly out of a cave and into a photo opportunity with a Peterborough, Ontario family. Jim Godby, wife Arlene Lillie Godby, and children Charlotte and Alexander were hiking Lusk Cave in Gatineau park a week ago when they came upon one of the natural wonders of the world. That would be Justin Trudeau leading his wife and children out of the cave, shirtless. "Out of this cave exits this fellow with some folks in tow and very excitedly says 'this is the moment of truth: do we go forward or do we stop here? We go forward,'" Godby tells CBC News. "I was like that's the prime minister. It certainly sounds like he likes to lead — even in his off hours." The Godbys and the Trudeaus held an informal family summit. The Godbys were wearing shirts, but they didn’t let that stop them from interacting with noted shirtless man Trudeau. “My daughter Charlotte said hello to Sophie and we briefly exchanged a few words about conditions in the cave as we had not yet reached the entrance of the cave,” Godby tells PTBO Canada. “My son took a selfie and that was it. Off they went on their way and off we went on ours. Just another family outing on the trails of Gatineau Park.” For the record, Trudeau was shirtless because the water in the caves can reach above the waistline. So, he doesn’t just do it to project an image of Canadian masculinity. They also talked to the secret service personnel, who were hiking with earpieces, and said the exchange was friendly. So there you have it. Justin Trudeau is basically a Troll doll but with better hair and pants on.

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