The Queen Is Hiring A Housekeeper — But What About The Pay?

Photo: Getty Images.
Statistically speaking, it's pretty hard to become a princess if you aren't already one. You'll have to bag yourself a single royal to get the title. But if you still have palace dreams, there is a back-door entrance — literally. Buckingham Palace is currently hiring a housekeeper.

The title is actually "linen keeper," which means your job would be managing the palace's linen room, as well as a "small team to ensure all linen requirements are met to the highest standard." Additionally, the linen keeper will manage equipment and inventories, and ensure historic linens are cared for appropriately.

The position pays £17,778 a year, which sounds like a pretty paltry salary, but housing and meals are provided. And while living in your workplace sounds kind of terrible, it helps if your workplace is an actual palace.

The job listing specifies that a background in hospitality, as well as excellent communication skills and a "positive approach" are among the prerequisites. Think you might qualify? The job listing will remain live through July 17. (Time Out London)

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