The Murder On Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Left Us With A LOT Of Questions

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In last week's episode we saw The Liars finally realise a truth we've known since last season — Ali (Sascha Pieterse) is not safe locked up at the sanitarium, and none of The Liars have escaped the nightmares of their past.
Most people leave high school with something they'd rather not remember, but rarely does it involve unsolved murders and being kidnapped and terrorised by a masked serial killer. The girls of Pretty Little Liars might be "adults" now, but they haven't outrun the demons of their childhood.
It's not just the mysteries of their past that are back. The men are too. Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) said it best tonight: "It's like a time warp back to high school." Yes, indeed for better or worse, tonight's episode felt straight out of season one — complete with Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Caleb denying their feelings about each other, and plot lines that make us excited for next week's episode.
As always, we have a lot of questions about tonight's episode — here are our 29 biggest.
1. Why are they so confident that Elliot (Huw Collins) loves Ali after meeting him only a couple times?
2. Could there be anything more made for TV than a man proposing right after he has a too close moment with an ex? Way to be a tired cliché Toby (Keegan Allen).
3. Could Yvonne (Kara Royster) look any more sad when she revealed her engagement to Spencer (Troian Bellisario)? Maybe she heard this is the season of high school lovers reuniting (cough Ezria and Haleb cough).
4. What happened to the muzzle? It was one of the most terrifying moments in the show's history to see Ali muzzled by her own husband, but even more terrifying that it magically disappears later.
5. Why did Spencer ask Caleb a question with such an obvious answer, if she wasn't ready to hear the truth? #Haleb.
6. JASON (Drew Van Acker) IS BACK! Why are the members of the NAT club always out of the country when they are most needed for the plot line?
7. Why has Spencer accepted Ali murdered Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) so easily? She has been framed for murder a couple times in her life.
8. Why is Hanna lying to everyone about breaking up with Jordan (David Coussins)?
9. Why is Aria (Lucy Hale) so neatly laying out the evidence of Eliott's misdeeds? When chasing a murderer, being slow means death.
10. Why didn't Aria meet Hanna and Spencer down the street and avoid Eliott seeing them?
11. Since when is Aria the only one focusing on finding "A" instead of dwelling on personal woes?
12. These girls are horrible at keeping secrets, yet both Aria and Hanna were able to keep their break ups secret?
13. What exactly happened to Hanna in there? We didn't see a lot of it, and she's acting more traumatized than she did after her three months in the Doll House.
14. We've done it! We may have found Pretty Little Liars craziest, and possibly most offensive, plot line yet — Charlotte gave her dolls to an Amish child during her rare excursions out of the mental institution?
15. How will the girls respond to Elliot's and Charlotte's relationship?
15. Did Charlotte ever actually get better? I agree with Aria's question — "How much better did Charlotte really get, if she was still naming dolls after us?"
16. Are they ever going to go to the police? They did end up helping out last time...
17. Why would Spencer say she's in love with Caleb? Girl, you've been dating him for a week, he's your best friend's ex, and you are willing to dump him after the first fight.
18. Why haven't they called Lieutenant Tanner (Roma Maffia) to come and help save Ali already?
19. Why did Spencer have to Google Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson) to find out his eye colour? I would remember the eye colour of someone out to kill me for months...
20. Why did Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Toby think it was a good thing to leave the police file outside surrounded by so many people?
21. If they are so convinced Mary (Andrea Parker) is involved in this, why aren't they tracking her?
22. How did they ever survive without Ali? She is by far the smartest one of them all.
23. How can Ali go from basically comatose to kicking ass so quickly? I would have expected Elliot to up her prescription after the first incident.
24. Why did they let the one who was just kidnapped and tortured drive the rescue car?
25. Will Hanna ever recover from seeing Elliot's dead body in front of her?
26. Why don't they go to the cops right now, or better yet Lieutenant Tanner who solved their case last time?
27. Who is going to arrest the five girls that were knowingly tortured and falsely persecuted all through high school without rock solid evidence? There are probably made for TV movies, books, and countless news specials about them.
28. They've seen so many murders go wrong in their past — why do they think they can just cover this up?
29. What are they thinking?! Since when do bodies stay buried in Rosewood? Correct answer: never.

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