Khal Drogo Is Very Pleased That Daenerys Dumped That "Punk" Daario

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Jason Momoa may have exited Game of Thrones years ago, but his heart is still in the game. The actor hasn't quite let go of his character Khal Drogo, who gets killed off in season 1 — or Drogo's wife, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke). Judging by his latest Instagram posts, Drogo's Khaleesi is very much still his moon and stars.
Momoa took a photo of his TV during the scene from last week's Game of Thrones finale when Daenerys dumps lover Daario Naharis in anticipation of making a strategic marriage. Momoa's reaction? "DROGO says fuck that punk," he captioned the pic. Still protective, I see.

Then he posted another photo, this time of the scene where Dany's fleet sets sail across the Narrow Sea for Westeros. "The world is yours baby kill em all," Momoa cheered. I mean, Drogo did promise Khaleesi the world one day — the least he can do is be supportive.
The actor has reminded us of how much he still loves Dany before. In May, he shared a photo of his onetime Khaleesi as the Dosh Khaleen temple burns to the ground behind her, writing "Don't fuck with my boo" and "love u Moon of my life." Earlier this month, he shared a funny meme of Khaleesi captioned, "I love watching the moon of my life Fuck shit up. @emilia_clarke Couldn't have done it better baby so proud." He also penned a hilarious letter to the dragon-child he never met, Drogon.

Who knew Khal Drogo was such a sentimental guy? We can only hope Momoa continues his sweet yet hysterical commentary on his former fictional love's story line until the very end.

DROGO says fuck that punk

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The world is yours baby kill em all

A photo posted by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on


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