Jon Snow’s True Birth Name Discovered By Lip-Reading Game Of Thrones Fan

photo: courtesy of HBO
We all, by this point, agree that R + L = J. But what does the J stand for? Redditor Claire Williams, a 33-year-old Dallas-Fort Worth web designer and Game of Thrones fan who posts under the name sparkledavisjr, has a theory based on a close lip-reading of the inaudible exchange between Lyanna and Ned Stark. First of all, we know that his name would be Jon Sand based on his birthplace and bastard status. Second of all, Williams has a theory that Lyanna named her baby before expiring. She theorises that Lyanna whispers to Ned, “His name is Jaehaerys.” Still, Williams admits that her reading might not be fully accurate. She says she watched the scene at least 50 times, pausing it to whisper the words to check if her mouth moved as Lyanna’s did. “I've seen some comments from people who are deaf or hard of hearing suggesting that Lyanna is saying ‘His name and house is,’ which could very well be the correct answer,” Williams says via email. “‘Jaehaerys’ is just a theory, after all.” Jaehaerys is indeed a name befitting a Targaryen baby. Williams writes that Jaehaerys actually even has ties to the Night’s Watch. “Jaehaerys I was the 4th Targaryen king to sit the Iron Throne. He was known as ‘the Wise,’ ‘The Conciliator,’ and ‘the Old King,’ Williams writes. “His long rule was prosperous and he was aided by his sister-wife Alysanne, who convinced Jaehaerys to expand the Night's Watch and granted them the land now known as the New Gift. One thing we do know: Rhaegar is definitely Jon’s father. HBO confirmed as much in a Tuesday blog post detailing their relationship. Here’s the clip, decide for yourself if Jon Snow is, in fact, Jaehaerys Targaryen. Start watching at about 3:45.

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