All Men Must Tat — A Look At The Most Intense Game Of Thrones Ink

The Game of Thrones fandom is a fervent one.
If you consider yourself among its ranks and you've never been to the subreddit page dedicated to all things GoT, then I recommend you check it out (and reconsider your status as a superfan). But in addition to crafting out-there conspiracy theories and analysing every aspect of the show, some fans want to carry a piece of the story with them wherever they go.
And I mean that quite literally. What better way to show just how much you love Daenerys and her dragons, or Jon Snow and his dire wolf, than to have them inked onto your body? There really is no greater show of affection.
Thanks to the tattoo-sharing site and app Tattoodo, we have 19 of the most impressive, most elaborate, and most questionable GoT-inspired tattoos. And yes, someone out there has a regrettable Ramsay Bolton tat.
In other words, the ink is dark and full of HBO characters.

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