This Site Lets You Apply For Game Of Thrones Jobs

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO
Working in Westeros seems either nightmarish or exactly the type of thing that a driven go-getter without a strong attachment to his or her head might want. “Chaos is a ladder,” Littlefinger once helpfully explained. And nowhere is that more true than in Westeros. If you can just keep your head down — harder to cut off or place in a noose that way — and survive for a few years, you’ll probably be a Westerosi CEO in no time. Or whatever the chief executive is called. You get the idea. But where to find work in Westeros? Don’t be hampered by the fact that it’s a fictional place, or that dragons aren’t real, or that human life is as unsatisfying as it is fleeting. Just head on over to Westeros Recruitment. The brainchild of IRL companies Time Recruitment and Online Ventures Group, Westeros Recruitment offers you the chance to apply for some of your favourite Game of Thrones careers. For example, the listing for Apprentice at the House of Black & White reads as follows: “The role specifies that no one apply, which makes our job kind of difficult in retrospect. Becoming no one means that you will no longer fear death. Death will become your boss and in order to properly serve him you must grow to love him. As an apprentice of the House of Black and White you will devote yourself to the Many-Faced God and serve his bidding.” Hell, sign us up. Check out more listings on their official Twitter below.

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