Game Of Thrones Killed Four Fan Theories With One Episode

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO
Game of Thrones fan theories are basically our fourth major sport. Last night no fewer than four fan theories were in play at once and, drumroll, none of them came true! Congratulations internet, we messed this one up.

We’ll set these up one-by-one before knocking them down.

First, Cleganebowl. This theory was that the Hound and the Mountain, Gregor and Sandor Clegane, would show down in a trial by combat to determine Cersei’s fate. This was set up by the Hound’s newfound religious fervour and his continued commitment to swinging axes into things other than trees.

Unfortunately, Tommen went and banned trial by combat. That’s messed up. Although technically it doesn’t kill Cleganebowl, it just means that it won’t occur in this specific context.


Second, Lady Stoneheart’s appearance. This one is less a theory and more of a hope, since Lady Stoneheart is a major character in the books. If you’re not a book reader, she comes about when Beric Dondarrion sacrifices himself to allow Catelyn Stark to be resurrected and take over the Brotherhood Without Banners. Her throat is cut, so she can’t really speak, but she does love vengeance. Lady Stoneheart basically goes around hanging any Lannister, Frey, or Bolton she can get her cold, dead hands on. So, yeah. She’s pretty badass.

Unfortunately, Beric is still around and she just isn’t. Unless she’s still coming. You never know.

Our third dead theory is that Syrio Forel would be returning. We wrote about the theory here but basically internet sleuths had decoded a photo and concluded that Arya’s old sword teacher would be making a comeback. He didn’t, at least not in this episode, but his teaching did result in an incredibly dope Arya moment.

Don’t worry, that’s still technically on the table as well.

Finally, there's this theory that Arya and the Waif are the same person. Arya snuffed that theory when she snuffed out that candle, removed the Waif's eyes, and then removed herself from Braavos. So basically she did this to that theory.

One theory that is still very much alive is that Jaime will be the one to kill Cersei. Remember that she hears a rumour confirmed, that we suspect is about the wildfire under King’s Landing. You’ll also recall that Jaime killed the Mad King when he was about to loose wildfire on the city. Now Jaime’s headed back to the capital, Cersei’s back is against the wall, and we could be getting a callback to the show’s pre-history.

Whatever happens, at least we’ll have The Battle of the Bastards.


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