Cersei Lannister Is Definitely Up To Something & We Think We Know What It Is

Photo: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO.
Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Cersei Lannister is scheming hardcore right now. The worse the betrayal, the more intense the revenge. And you better believe that Cersei knows about revenge. Unlike Arya Stark, who has her own literal list of enemies and verbalised her plans for them (to kill them with her Needle), Cersei is much more subtle about how she plans to ignite her revenge. And we mean ignite, literally. In episode 8, after being told by her son, King Tommen, that there would no longer be trial by combat in King's Landing, Cersei, through pursed lips, addresses Qyburn. The brief back and forth is quite foreboding. “That old rumour you told me about — my little birds investigated,” he tells Cersei. "Tell me, was it a rumour or something more?" she replies. "More, Your Grace. So much more." Cue mischievous smirks. So, what rumour is this they speak of? Well, we know that Qyburn is referring to his trove of children spies dispersed throughout the kingdoms. Adults talk about things in front of kids. Kids listen. Then they report back to Qyburn to receive sweet treats in return. It seems that recently told him exactly what he, and Cersei wanted to hear. Perhaps a little something about the possibility of wildfire enveloping a whole city? The internet thinks that Cersei is finally ready to burn King's Landing to the ground. Mad King Aerys II style, as seen in Bran's vision from episode 6.
Other clues were dropped throughout the episode referring to fire, and leaving a city in ashes. Jaime Lannister tells Edmure, Lord of Riverrun, that he would "burn cities to ash" to get back to his love, Cersei. Earlier in the series, Vanity Fair points out, the two Lannisters sibs/lovers have threatened to burn cities to the ground multiple times. In fact, it seems to be Cersei's favourite threat. Also of note: Tommen might not have long to live, if episode eight's opening death monologue is anything to go by.

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