Miss Hawaii Was Asked An Invasive Question About Voting

Photo courtesy of Fox.
This year's Miss USA pageant felt a lot of pushback to one question asked of the final five contestants in the so-called "final question" round. Miss Hawaii, Chelsea Hardin, was asked something that most people consider to be quite personal.
"If the election were held tomorrow, would you vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for president, and why would you choose one over the other?" judge Laura Brown asked.
The entire audience audibly booed for a prolonged period of time, but Miss Hawaii soldiered on and attempted to answer the question. "All I have to say is: It doesn't matter what gender, all we need in the United States is someone who represents those of us who don't feel like we have a voice. Those of us who want our voices heard. We need a president to push for what is right and push for what America really needs."
The studio audience members weren't the only ones not having it. Twitter exploded with angry reactions, as well.
In case the Miss USA pageant judges who wrote that question didn't get the picture: No one cares who Miss Hawaii is voting for and we all knew it was a loaded question.

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