Calvin Harris Breaks His Silence On Breakup With Taylor Swift

Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock
Scottish DJ Calvin Harris didn't wait long before he spoke out about the end of his relationship with Taylor Swift.

The news broke yesterday and spawned a ton of irresponsible speculation. Both Swift and Harris have reputations as not being...amazing to break up with.

So what would the DJ say?

Would he slam Swift?

Would he make a joke about her new album's release date?

Would he drop a new track with Rihanna dissing Swift?

Um, none of the above.

That's incredibly mature. We hope that this leads to a Taylor Swift album of measured respect for her ex-lover. Even though that might be incredibly boring. But this is great. This is a much hipper version of conscious uncoupling. Hell, Swift even retweeted Harris' breakup tweet. That's beyond amicable.

Next up, Swift launches a lifestyle website and Calvin Harris starts fronting Coldplay.

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