The Most Shocking TV Season Finales Ever

Photo: Mitch Haaseth/ABC.
There is nothing more stressful than a television season finale. Each respective episode could bring the couple you've been rooting for together, or possibly — and quite literallythrow your fave under a bus.
But which finales truly bring on the most gasps? Do dramatic deaths or giant secrets revealed make for the most memorable finales? Or, is the lack of a twist ending even more shocking? We've rounded up some of the most edge of your seat, call your friend during the commercial break, message board outrage-worthy season finales. In fact, they're so heart-stopping our blood pressure is going up just thinking about them.
Scroll through the gallery to find out which season-enders actually made the cut. You should probably bring along a nice mug of calming chamomile tea for the ride.

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