These Reactions To Ashley Graham’s Music Video Role Are Awesome

Earlier this week, Joe Jonas' group DNCE debuted the new video for "Toothbrush," a jam about leaving that all-important self-care item at a lover's house. Since its release, the video has been hailed as a win for body positivity and representation, thanks to a starring role for plus-size model Ashley Graham. And fans definitely agree. In hazy light, Jonas and Graham cuddle, caress, make out, have a pillow fight, and generally give the impression that they're getting it on. Miraculously, the song makes you think more about sex than bad breath, despite its title and refrain. Jonas told Glamour that casting the gorgeous Graham, who also appeared on a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover this year, was a no-brainer. "To be honest, we really only had one girl in mind," Jonas said. "I just find Ashley Graham so beautiful." Same, Joe. And while YouTube can often be a platform for nasty misogynists to congregate — case in point: the dislikes bestowed upon the new Ghostbusters trailer — the comments section for "Toothbrush" has been wonderful, as fans explain how happy they are to see a woman with a body like Graham's in this context.
Twitter users have also been (virtually) applauding.
Hopefully the public's embrace means more music videos will follow the lead set by "Toothbrush" and include a range of different body types. Watch the video, below.

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