The New Ghostbusters Trailer Brings Back Fan Favorites

After the first Ghostbusters trailer made history as the most-disliked video on YouTube, the new one looked to counter some of that soft sexism by reintroducing two of the franchise's most beloved ghosts. The new trailer revealed more of the plot than we’ve seen before. For example, we now know that Chris Hemsworth gets possessed by a spirit while standing outside the Ghostbusters’ HQ. And that Leslie Jones has a ghost perched on her while walking out of a rock venue. But the real stars of the show are two old favorites. Slimer, the green ghost that appears briefly in Ghostbusters but more frequently in subsequent Ghostbusters-related media, pops up. As does what appears to be a version of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Fans will remember him as the unholy terror that stalked the streets of New York in the finale of the original film. New fans will remember him as the on-fire version of that guy.
If you’re as excited about the remake as we are, you’ll want to show it. These new buttons from Junkfed will proudly declare that you’re not only a fan of busting ghosts, but of busting misogyny as well. Wear them in good health.

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