Oh Hello Brand New Ghostbusters Trailer, We’ve Been Waiting For You

Let the countdown to Ghostbusters finally begin! This morning the world premiere of the new trailer was released and — in case you weren't already thinking this — it looks pretty awesome. Also of note: The ghosts are officially scarier in this version than in the original, male-led movies. (The wonders of CGI never cease to amaze.) However, make no mistake: Despite the fancy new production tools (not to mention the Hemsworth presence), Ghostbusters is still trying to pluck all your nostalgia strings. "I’d be bummed if I didn’t see the Ecto-1 and all that stuff,” director Paul Feig told an audience of fans and press in Los Angeles earlier this week. "So we wanted to make sure we give those nods — but make them our own, and give them their own original origin story. When you see the movie, there will be a lot of things you’re happy to see, but they’re coming at you at a slightly different way." Ghostbusters is slated to hit theaters on July 15, 2016. Check out the new trailer below!

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