Peggy Mitchell's Finest Moments

When Barbara Windsor joined EastEnders in 1994, it was both a casting coup and a high-profile risk. What would happen if the Carry On actress couldn't adapt to the show's rigorous filming schedule – and would viewers accept "our Babs" in a rather less sympathetic role? But Peggy Mitchell quickly became one of the soap's most compelling characters as she fussed over sons Phil and Grant, squabbled with Pat Butcher and Pauline Fowler, embarked on ill-fated marriages to Frank Butcher and Archie Mitchell, and ruled her beloved Queen Vic with a line to which no one dared argue back: "Get outta my pub!"

Peggy also showed immense personal growth when she was first diagnosed with cancer in 1996, and realised she needed to apologise for her cruel behaviour towards Mark Fowler, who was facing his own health battle with AIDS. Though Peggy's appearances in Albert Square have been more sporadic in recent years, she remains one of EastEnders' most iconic characters and many of us will feel our eyes well up when she finally says goodbye for good in tomorrow night's episode. To soften the blow, here's a reminder of some of Peggy Mitchell's most memorable moments.

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