What You Actually Need To Know About Blac Chyna

Photo: Gabriel Olsen/WireImage.
Blac Chyna's name seems to be everywhere now. And with her new ChyMojis, her face is everywhere too. But who is she? Where did she come from?
Well, she's actually been low-key famous and running with the Kardashian crew for longer than you probably realise. She's been on the music scene for over a decade, and even has her own clothing line. The way she's portrayed makes it seem like she came out of nowhere just to rock the Kardashian family's boat. But she wasn't just dreamed up one day in the hills of Hollywood. The model, dancer, mother, and entrepreneur has a story of her own.
Let's start at the beginning. Chyna, who turns 28 on May 11, was born Angela Renée White in Washington, D.C. She grew up with her mother Shalana Jones-Hunter, better known by her entertainment name (just like her daughter), Tokyo Toni.
Chyna started her own family in 2012 with rapper Tyga when they had a son, King Cairo Stevenson. Since the beginning of her career in 2010, Chyna has been working to make a name for herself. And today, she owns a successful beauty store and makeup line, Lashed Bar, and has another baby on the way with her fiancé Rob Kardashian.
Now, it's time to get a closer look at the Blac Chyna behind all those headlines.

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