The Internet's Best "Jon Snow Is Back" Memes

Cue up Frankenstein. Jon Snow is alive. Yes, last night's Game of Thrones ended with Jon gasping awake, putting an end to the speculation as to whether the character was going to stay dead through the series' sixth season.

At the request of Ser Davos, Melisandre worked her magic on Jon, but wasn't too confident in her abilities. Assuming the red priestess had failed, everyone left the room disappointed. But no! Ghost began to stir, and Jon got a serious second wind.

The moment may have not been all that surprising. Despite the cast and creators' insistence that Jon Snow was dead dead, evidence to the contrary still lingered. (Kit Harington had been spotted filming while standing upright.)

Still, the revival of the beloved character gave fans cause to rejoice. And thus, GIFs and memes spread across social media.

One Twitter user invoked the immortal words of The Princess Bride.

Another paid homage Melisandre's badassery.
There was dancing...
...and shock.
Daenerys dropped the mic on Jon's behalf.
Beyoncé sang.
Jon Snow was turned into Jesus...
...and Michael Jordan.
He got the Weekend at Bernie's treatment.
Of course, for all the celebration, we still have a number of questions about Jon Snow's return. But for now, we're happy basking in the internet's ebullience.

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