Heidi Montag Calls For A Redo Of The Hills, It Was All “Unfairly Edited”

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Heidi Montag is here to set some facts straight about The Hills. As one half of reality television's first hyper-villainous couple, Montag, along with her husband, Spencer Pratt, have been talking smack about the MTV show for a while now. Montag recently signed on for another reality series, this one on Lifetime and focused on mending her broken relationship with her mother. But the former Hills star still made time to set some facts straight about the show with BuzzFeed — 22 facts, to be precise. From the interview, we learn that Montag and the rest of the cast were responsible for their own makeup, hair, and wardrobe for the show. And apparently, they were expected not to repeat any outfits. "During The Hills, we were not allowed to wear outfits twice so I asked [MTV] to supply me with a wardrobe, but apparently I had to buy it all myself," she told the site. Once they were all dolled up, Montag said they got into clubs like Les Deux using her connections through working at Bolthouse. And, "water was NOT what we were drinking," she confessed. "When we were all at Les Deux, we were drinking whatever we could get our hands on." And what if they ever needed to, say, split their bar tab? It was probably a bit complicated, especially since no one in the cast made the same amount for appearing on the show. Montag did not disclose her exact salary, but she did say their compensation was not equal across the board. "Cast members did all make different salaries, so we wanted to do like Jersey Shore and unite together and all get a bigger paycheque, but everyone was a little bit too divided," she said. "I think that would’ve been the smarter thing for everyone to do at the time, but that’s not what happened." She did clarify that "Lauren got paid the most" because "it was her show." Montag also revealed the amount of money she spent on her album, Superficial. Montag, with the help of her husband, we assume, spent about $1 million on her brief attempt at a musical career. "I’ve spent like, over a million dollars on that 'Superficial' album so you will not be getting new music from me unless you’d like to GoFundMe," she joked. The interview makes me want to go back and re-watch the series to see if other plot inconsistencies (Montag said she and Conrad moved halfway through one season, and it was never acknowledged in the show) and outright lies (Montag pretended to get promoted at Bolthouse — "That whole plot was scripted") are suddenly so much more obvious now. Montag couldn't pinpoint one plotline that was the most unfairly edited, and instead just said the entire series needed to be redone. One thing Montag did stay true to is that she does not know what she did — "I didn't do anything."
Watch the full interview, below.
Heidi Montag Talks About "The Hills"

A must-watch for all fans of The Hills: Heidi Montag stopped by and cleared up every burning question inside that was still lingering after all this time. Are you #TeamSpeidi or #TeamLC?

Posted by BuzzFeed Celeb on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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