Update: Speidi Apologizes For “Thoughtless” Comparison Of The Hills Cancellation To 9/11

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Update: Spencer Pratt has apologized for his insensitive comparison of the cancellation of The Hills to the events of 9/11. The former reality star shared a five-part apology on Twitter. "RE: my 9/11 comment: I want to apologize for making a such a thoughtless analogy. (1/5)"
"I’m not going to make dumb celebrity excuses about being taken out of context. (2/5)"
"I just said something dumb and potential hurtful to a lot of people and that’s all there is to it. (3/5)"
"I’ll likely say something dumb again, but I know I need to check myself on this one. (4/5)"
"Again, apologies to anyone I offended and for being insensitive. Much love, Spencer (5/5)" Good for him for eventually realizing that comments like that are totally out of line. This article was originally published February 19 at 12:30 p.m. Speidi, formerly known individually as Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, might be the most notorious duo in reality television history. They appeared, of course, on The Hills, which aired from May 2006 until its cancellation in July 2010. But, apparently, Speidi was not prepared for life beyond the small screen. "[The Hills getting cancelled] was our 9/11," Pratt recently told Broadly in an interview. Talk about a gross exaggeration. To compare a fabricated television series to a catastrophic terrorist attack could not be more offensive or disrespectful to thousands of people — the whole country, even. When the series was cancelled, Speidi felt the blow the hardest because of the public's overall disgust with how they treated their family, friends, and even each other on the show. So, hearing that they aren't too well off financially isn't much of a surprise. "Nobody wants to break into our home anymore," Pratt told Broadly. "They Google our new worth and see we are worth $10." The two currently live rent-free in Pratt's father's vacation home near the beach in Santa Barbara, CA. In the interview, Pratt also talked about his first time meeting Montag, at a club in Los Angeles. "Lauren and Heidi were the two best clubbers," he said. "They [outdrank] Snooki and JWoww." Speidi also claims that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick based their on-screen romance after theirs. "She asked, 'What do Heidi and Spencer do? I need [to know] all the exact things, because we're doing exactly what they do,'" Montag said. Read the rest of the very crazy, and crystal-filled interview over on Broadly.

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