Brace Yourself, A New Book On Making A Murderer Is Near

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Making a Murderer may be over (for now). But the books about it just keep on coming. Jerome Buting — the attorney who is not is not Dean Strang, but who also defended Steven Avery in the murder case made famous by the hit Netflix series — is set to release a book on the same subject sometime in 2017. "I am excited to write my personal account of defending Steven Avery in a climate of extreme prejudice, investigative tunnel vision, and evidence of misconduct," Buting said in a statement released by Harper publishing, as People reports. "Beyond the Netflix documentary, there is much more to say about the Avery investigation and trial, its flaws and how they can be seen in other fascinating — if less celebrated — cases that I've worked on," he went on. "Taken together, they show us what is wrong with our criminal justice system. Just as importantly, they provide a roadmap to urgently needed reforms. We all count on the presumption of innocence, and all of us need to protect this bedrock of our society." Start clearing room on your shelves for a Making a Murderer section.

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