Britney Spears Continues Instagram Crime Spree

Credit: Denise Truscello/BSLV / Contributor
Britney Spears can’t keep her hands off of other people’s images. The V Magazine cover star decided she liked a picture of Vlada Haggerty’s so much that she posted it without attribution. The image, lips adorned with intricate roses, appeared on Britney’s Instagram yesterday. Much like a few weeks ago, when she just blatantly stole this beautiful corn pic, Britney appears to have a shockingly cavalier attitude towards OPP (Other People's Pictures). If you look at her song history, it’s not exactly a surprise. When she sang “…Baby One More Time,” she must have been talking about intellectual property theft. When she performed “Oops… I Did It Again,” she was referring to using other people’s images on her own Instagram. When she did “Criminal,” it was referring to the court of public opinion of aggrieved content producers. “Gimme More” is about wanting to take the work of others and use it without properly crediting them. “Hold It Against Me,” well, you get the idea. Of course, her Instagram is mostly memes and the occasional pic of her children, but this is someone’s actual art. Vlada is no unknown herself, with more than 156,000 Instagram followers and a history of being featured on illustrious websites like, for example, this one. But come on, Britney. Stop boosting corn pics and other people’s art. And, really, you could get more creative with the lip art you jack. Florals? For spring. Groundbreaking.

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