The 10 Most Unrealistic Sex Scenes In Films Ever

Image: United Artists.
Picture this: You're engrossed in a pretty standard fictional make-out session on screen, when suddenly the switch flips and they decide to go full-throttle. Sometimes, these sex scenes turn into steamy, awesome inspiration for your real life romps. (We've got plenty of proof. Hottest movie sex scenes ever? Tick. Leading ladies giving us #orgasmgoals? Double tick.)
But other times, on-screen sex turns into an example of what not to do in your own boudoir. There are plenty of examples of couplings that just don't transition well into the real world, from shower scenes and hot tub sex to impromptu orgies and lovemaking amid gunfire. We've pulled together 10 tropes that are better off firmly in the realm of fantasy.
(But, if you're making some of 'em work, serious props to you and yours. Tips welcome in the comments.)

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