College Athletes Strip Naked For A Cause (NSFW)

Five years ago, the men's rowing team at Warwick University in the U.K. was in bad shape — not physically (definitely not physically), but financially. Rowing's an expensive sport, and as a middle-ranking college club, the team lacked the funds to repair its own boats. What the rowers did have was implausibly symmetrical faces, ridiculously chiseled bodies, and a stroke of genius: They decided to pose naked, shoot a calendar, and sell it to other students on campus to raise money.
Now, the Warwick Rowers' annual calendar has been sold in over 70 countries and supports not only the club but also Sport Allies, a program the team started to combat homophobia in sports through outreach to local schools. As the rowers share on their website, they're proud of the relationships the program is fostering "between a bunch of (mainly!) straight jocks and the gay community." In honour of their athletic prowess, their mission of inclusivity, and of course their rippling abs, we're sharing 10 shots of the teammates — off the water and in the buff.
If they inspire you to try rowing for yourself, we've got you covered — and if these 10 photos aren't enough, you can check out the rowers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And, watch their 2015 calendar teaser video (since you can't hear their accents from looking at their photos). And, of course, buy a calendar. Talk about crew love.

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