The Cancellation Of This New Netflix Original Series Has Fans Reeling

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Another day, another Netflix original show cancelled before it could even reach its full potential. The most recent series from the streaming platform to get dumped is The Irregulars, an action fantasy that built on the mystery and intrigue of the popular Sherlock Holmes stories. And, as expected, fans of the show are not taking the news very well at all.
Season one of The Irregulars hit Netflix in late March, pulling from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s rich mystery canon to expand the Sherlock Holmes universe. In the show, the great detective and his business partner Dr. John Watson (Royce Pierreson) put together a ragtag team of troubled youths to help them solve unique crimes in Victorian London. But the Irregulars, as they’re called, aren’t your normal crime-solvers; they’ve got special powers that allow them to gather clues and take down nefarious enemies.
The show was well-received upon its debut, even earning a top spot in the ever-changing competitive Netflix Top 10 list, but that wasn’t enough to guarantee it a second season. Today, Netflix officially announced that it would not be renewing The Irregulars, meaning that we’ll likely never get a chance to see our tough teens solve crimes ever again. It’s only been a few months since the series premiered, but The Irregulars really made an impression on many Netflix subscribers — and they’re devastated to find that it won’t be returning.
It's always a possibility that a Netflix series will get cancelled, no matter how popular we think it is. Last year, the streamer cut the cord on more than 20 different shows, including beloved series like GLOW, I Am Not Okay with This, and The Society, and fans still haven't recovered from the pain.
Sure, there are literally thousands of different titles available to watch on Netflix, but the smorgasbord of options doesn't make losing your new favorite characters hurt any less — just ask the Anne with an E diehards still rallying for the long lost series to this day.

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