A Running List Of Who Is Still On Bachelor In Paradise Season 6

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
It's relatively easy to remember who is left on a given season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Do you actually remember their first name? Does their face look at least sorta familiar? They're probably still around. On Bachelor in Paradise, however, the cast is made up of almost entirely familiar faces and names you kinda-sorta remember. Plus, with everyone dating each other and rose ceremonies happening in the middle of episodes, while bombastic drama assumes the cliffhanger spot, it's a bit tougher to keep track.
If the original series are the straight-forward, linear paths to love, Paradise is the wild west. Each week, new recruits appear on the beach with their own priorities and aims. They couple, uncouple, and recouple over and over as some folks go home and new contestants appear in their places. It's a lot to keep track of.
So we'll be right here, each week, noting who stays and goes. If you ever find yourself a little confused as to who is still left on Bachelor in Paradise, and who went home while you were in the kitchen getting another glass of rosé and popping some more popcorn, we've got you.
This is who left the beach early, and who's still hoping for their own Jade and Tanner love story.

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