Where We Left Off After Game Of Thrones Season 7's Super Intense Finale

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Fittingly for Game of Thrones Season 7, the show only had seven episodes — down from its usual 10. But just because the season had fewer episodes, that didn't mean it had any less chaos or fewer wild moments. The writers packed a lot in for the remaining characters. There was long awaited reunion for the Stark kids, Nymeria the direwolf made a re-appearance, Daenerys finally reached Westeros, and the leaders of the seven kingdoms had to get real about the Night Walker's threat.
Season 8, the show's final run, will pick up on April 14. After being off the air for over a year and a half, you'd be forgiven for forgetting some of the more nuanced plot points of the previous seven Game of Thrones episodes. There are still over 20 main characters spread across Westeros to keep track of, and they each have their own intricate, individual storylines.
Here's where they all left off in season 7 ahead of the season 8 premiere.

Cersei & Jaime Lannister

Now that she's claimed the Iron Throne for herself, Cersei spends the beginning portion of the season fortifying her forces by teaming up with Euron Greyjoy and taking over House Tyrell. While there, Jaime poisons Olenna Tyrell who has just confessed that she orchestrated Joffrey's death. Later, Cersei tells Jaime she's pregnant (presumably with his child), even though she promised to marry Euron after the war ends. (Raise your hand if you think she's keeping that promise. No one? Okay.)
When Jon Snow arrives and brings word of the impending White Walker attacks, Cersei pledges to join forces with Jon to defeat the Night King. But she later tells Jaime she was lying. Jaime is mad that she's breaking her promise and ignoring the White Walker threat. He leaves to go join that battle anyway, and Cersei is left alone.

Arya & Sansa Stark

Season 7 is the season of reunions for Arya. She comes across Hot Pie, who tells her that Jon is back at Winterfell. So she heads home to reunite with Sansa and Bran as well. She also reunites with Brienne, who is serving the Starks.
Arya also finally gets a bit of revenge in season 7. First she kills all the Frey men who killed her mother and brother Robb. She also gets to kill Littlefinger when Sansa and Arya realize he's trying to pit them against each other. Sansa and Arya pledge to stay united in the upcoming war and winter together. Sansa continues to lead the North and Winterfell in Jon's stead.

Sam & Gilly

Sam starts the season at the citadel, where he helps cure Jorah's greyscale. While there, Gilly comes across information that reveals Jon Snow is actually a Targaryen and the legitimate heir to the throne. His father, Rhaegar Targaryen had his marriage to Elia Martell annulled and married Lyanna Stark instead, who eventually gave birth to Jon.
Sam and Gilly don't understand the importance of this information at the time, but when they later travel to Winterfell and meet up with Bran, he explains to Sam what it means. That scene is juxtaposed with Dany and Jon having sex, unaware that Jon is Dany's nephew and also closer in line to the throne now than Dany.

Tyrion Lannister

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Tyrion has been on Daenerys' side since Season 6, and he continues to serve her faithfully in Season 7 as the Hand of the Queen. It's actually Tyrion who advised Dany to team up with Jon in the first place. He also meets with Cersei to try to forge a relationship there between Cersei and Dany's armies, but we all know how Cersei plans to honour that (she doesn't). At the end of the season, he witnesses Dany and Jon's connection grow intimate and he is clearly concerned about what this could mean for the upcoming war and Daenerys' bid for the Iron Throne.

Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen

Jon spends much of the season annoyed with all the other leaders. He thinks he's being undermined by Sansa in the North, he refuses to swear allegiance to Cersei, and he won't bend the knee to Daenerys. He couldn't care less about the petty inter-Westeros dealings, since he knows first hand what a danger the White Walker army is.
Dany learns this when her dragon Viserion is killed by them. (The dragon is later re-animated as an ice dragon.) Eventually Jon and Dany team up to fight undead army, and they also team up ~romantically~ which is pretty cringe-y because Dany is actually Jon's aunt for the reasons explained above.

Bran Stark

Bran is back at Winterfell in Season 7, reunited with his Stark siblings. But he's not himself since taking on the Three-Eyed Raven persona. He basically doesn't care about anything or anyone around him except for his visions. By the way, one of these visions helps Sam put together the "Jon Snow is actually a Targaryen and the rightful heir to the throne" puzzle. He also confirms that Littlefinger was betraying Sansa and Arya, which further encourages them go through with Littlefinger's execution.

The Night King & White Walkers & The Wights

Having gained control of one of Dany's dragons, The Night King uses him to burn down The Wall and leads his massive armies into Westeros. Their battle is only just beginning.

Jorah Mormont

After Sam cured his Greyscale, Jorah returned to Dany's side to fight for her once more and also to continue to pine for her. (Too bad for him that Jon Snow is also there.)

Theon & Yara Greyjoy

Yara is captured by her uncle Euron and becomes one of the prisoners Euron brings to Cersei to claim her hand in marriage. Euron tried to capture Theon too, but he bailed the eff out of the boat and left his sister to fend for herself. Theon eventually runs into Jon who encourages him to go after his sister, since she once tried to rescue him from Ramsay. Theon rallies what Ironborn troops are left and sets out to save his sister.

Missandei & Grey Worm

The pair finally make out after seasons of sexual tension. Missandei later tells Dany that she and Grey Worm hooked up. Other than this delightful bit of fan service, Grey Worm and Missandei are both still faithfully serving their queen.

Brienne Of Tarth

Brienne continues to serve Sansa Stark faithfully, and even acts as her proxy when the other leaders travel to King's Landing to convince Cersei that the White Walkers are a threat. Brienne also had a friendly battle with Arya, where she is visibly impressed by the young Stark's skills. Her sexual chemistry with Jaime continues to be off the charts, but Tormund may also try to woo her since the trailer betrayed he's still alive after that dragon attack at the Wall.

The Hound

As always, Sandor Clegane is in the thick of most battle action. He faces off against the Night King's army with Jon, Davos, Gendry, and Jorah in an attempt to capture a Wight to demonstrate the undead army's threat to Cersei. He continues to be most interested in aiding Jon and Dany against those undead forces.
He also almost almost has a Cleganebowl showdown with his brother The Mountain in King's Landing, but The Hound just insults him instead and promises to eventually end him when the timing is more appropriate — aka not when there's a massive undead army coming for all of Westeros.


The Red Woman prophesied that both Daenerys and Jon Snow could be Azor Ahai, aka the Prince (or Princess) That Was Promised to end the war and rule the Iron Throne. Melisandre tells Dany to meet with Jon, but then she hightales it out of there before she runs into Jon who had already banished her once. She does reveal, though, that she plans to return to Westeros one more time when she dies, so we'll likely see that in Season 8.


Bronn has just been trying to get a castle out of his allegiance to Jaime, but he’s denied throughout season 7 as well. Still, he continues to be so loyal to Jaime that he helps him avoid being burnt to death by one of Dany’s dragons. Still, Tyrion tries to buy Bronn’s allegiance to Dany instead, offering double what Jaime has never even given him. Bronn says he’s looking out for number one only, but it’s doubtful that he’ll turn on Jaime now.


Varys has a history of being a bit shady (to say the least) and Dany questions his service to her. Varys insists that he's loyal to no king or queen but to the people, which Dany accepts. She asks Varys to tell her in advance if he has an issue with her style of ruling, rather than just secretly plot to overthrow her. He promises, but he later suggests to Tyrion that Dany may have some of the traits her father "The Mad King" had, since Dany can be ruthless in her pursuit of the Iron Throne. He tells Tyrion he better nip that in the bud, before Varys has to step in and be his usual shady self.


As Robert Baratheon's bastard, Gendry technically also has a claim to the throne, but he's mostly stayed in the shadows and done blacksmithing work just to stay alive. In season 7, Davos recruits him for Jon Snow's mission to find a Wight. He and Jon bond over being bastards (or so Jon thinks). During the journey to capture the wight, their group is attacked, and Gendry runs to get help from Dany and her dragons just in time.
*Glee narrator voice* And that's what you missed on Game of Thrones!

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